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Adults 6 months - 6 years

Adult Wellness Exams

6 months - 6 years

Dogs and cats age at a faster rate than humans do depending on the size and breed. Your veterinarian may have certain recommendations on how often your pet should have a wellness examination, based on its specific breed, health status, and lifestyle. During the routine wellness examination, your veterinarian will ask you questions regarding your pet's diet, exercise, behavior habits, lifestyle, and general health.

Your veterinarian will observe:

  • How your pet walks and stands
  • Your pet's body condition- (weight management recommendations will be given for pets underweight or overweight)
  • Coat- checking for dryness, flakiness, or abnormal hair loss
  • Skin- looking for lumps and bumps, dryness, redness, or any skin infections
  • Eyes- looking for redness, discharge, excessive tearing, cloudiness, & vision
  • Ears- checking for any strange odors, discharge, debris, or redness
  • Oral Cavity- checking for periodontal disease, tartar build-up, odor, retained baby teeth, broken teeth (a dental estimate may be given if the veterinarian feels that your pet may need a dental cleaning)
  • Cardiovascular- listening to the heart and checking for any abnormalities
  • Respiratory- listening to the lungs and making sure your pet has a normal breathing pattern, checking for crackling or trouble breathing
  • Gastrointestinal- your veterinarian will ask you if your pet has any abnormal bowel movements (diarrhea, constipation, or any blood in the stool), a fecal exam will also be performed checking for intestinal parasites

Routine Canine Wellness Visit

  • Examination
  • Heartworm Test- Its vital that your dog's heartworm status is checked annually to insure proper and prompt treatment if he/she were to be positive. Also, heartworm preventative manufacturers require an annual heartworm test to insure your heartworm guarantee.
  • Fecal Exam- a stool sample is collected to be examined for any intestinal parasites
  • Vaccinations- vaccines are given depending on your dog's exposure to certain diseases, your veterinarian will ask if your dog is indoor/outdoor, has regular grooming/boarding visits, will be exposed to ticks, or may be used for hunting
  • Heartworm/Flea Prevention-your veterinarian will recommend products to prevent heartworm disease, fleas, & intestinal parasites

Routine Feline Wellness Visit

  • Examination
  • Fecal Exam- Its important to try and bring in a stool sample instead of having the staff collect one from your cat which can become stressful for the animal
  • Vaccinations- vaccines are given depending on your cat's environmental exposure, if your cat is indoor/outdoor will be the factor on what vaccinations are needed
  • Flea Prevention- products for flea prevention will be recommended

Semi-Annual Wellness Visits

As mentioned before, our pets age faster than we do. Semi-annual examinations lets veterinarians detect any illnesses or abnormalities sooner rather than later. Bringing your pet into the veterinarian once a year is like us seeing our doctor once every 5-7 years. Having your pet examined more often can result in prompt treatment if necessary. For the dogs that are boarded often or has regular grooming visits, a semi-annual is required for them to receive the Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough).

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