Heartworm & Flea Control

What Kind of Damage Can Heartworm Disease Cause?

Dogs with heartworm disease are sick. Not only do they have the infection of heartworms but they have any of the problems listed below from the result of heartworm disease. Fortunately, heartworm disease is both treatable and preventable.

  • Damage to the Pulmonary Arteries: The lining of the artery becomes damaged within days of the worm's arrival. The arteries dilate and become tortuous. Aneurysms and abnormal blood clotting (embolism) results.
  • Coughing & Exercise Intolerance: When areas of the lungs are unable to participate in the blood oxygenation process.
  • Congestive Heart Failure: With arteries plugged with heartworms, the heart must pump harder against the pressure of the plugged arteries. If worms begin backing up into the heart, there will be less space in the pumping chamber for blood to be pumped.

What Kind of Damage Can Fleas Cause?

A heavy flea burden is lethal, especially to smaller or younger animals. Conditions brought about by fleas include:

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